Getting Started

NOTE: Both OpenCravat and OakVar can be used to annotate a human genome. At the beginning of the project, we used OpenCravat as a framework. However, as OakVar is based on OpenCravat and contains more advanced features customized specially for personal longevity genomics, we decided to base further development of the project on OakVar.

First, you need to open

Loading Genome Files

In the “Submit” section click on “Click to upload input files” to upload your genome file.

Upload file

Then choose Longevity2 in the reporters window:

Choosing a reporter

All the necessary modules will be automatically selected. If you are interested in the other modules you can select them in the modules section:

Modules section

Annotating Your Genome

When you select all the annotators you need, click the ANNOTATE button below in the left area.

Annotate button

Annotating a large genome file may take some time. While loading, it will be displayed in the “jobs” section, displaying different stages of the processing in the State column, and when finished, the View button will appear:


Opening Your Annotated Genome

Now click the View button, and the annotated genome will open in a new browser tab/window.

Getting Longevity2 report

In the new window open the “Reports” section and click the “Download” button in the Longevity2 reporter to download the longevity report:

Longevity report